Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy Services

All massage therapies, wellness services, and essential oil purchases come with free aroma therapy consultation to determine what essential oils will meet your individual wellness needs. We'll work together to find out the oils and blends to use in our massages, AromaSpa or meditation sessions, or for your diffuser at home. Aroma Therapy has been known to enhance your mood, promote whole-body healing and well-being, stimulate brain function, and relieve pain and minor aliments.

Stand-Alone Aroma Therapy Consultations are $10. 

 AromaSpa Steam Capsule Sessions (Coming Soon)
15 Minutes for $15     
30 Minutes for $20

Our AromaSpa can benefit your body & mind in many ways with it's deep, cleansing steam. AromaSpa sessions leave you refreshed and rejuvenated, washed free of the many toxins we acquire from excess animal protein fats, caffeine, alcohol & chemicals. It relieves pains, especially muscular aches, and it can help to prevent muscular injuries caused by lack of flexibility. It's ability to flush the muscles of toxins and buildup makes it the perfect post-massage treatment to maximize your healing session. AromaSpa sessions improve circulation and metabolism, helping you with weight control while hydrating your skin.

Inhaling steam is recommended for respiratory conditions including the common cold, sinusitis, bronchitis, allergies, and exercise-induced asthma. Combing the powerful healing properties of steam with essential oils delivers a powerful healing session that will work to improve your wellness.

Our AromaSpa in Action

Check out what was collected after one AromaSpa session!

Can you believe that's what was left after one half-hour session? Get toxins out of your system by making a 
30 minute AromaSpa Session a regular part of your wellness routine. You'll feel lighter, more relaxed, and refreshed, and it's the perfect way to cap off a massage therapy session. 

doTERRA Oils and Wellness Advocate 
Essential oils are used for wide ranges of physical and emotional wellness needs. Use them as a single essential oil or try a complex essential oil blend. Stimulate brain function, promote whole-body healing, relieve pain and minor ailments, and enhance your mood using ancient techniques and natural oils. All of my massage and meditation services use dōTERRA oils. Included in every massage and service is a free consultation on what essential oils could benefit your personal wellness needs. 

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