Thursday, November 16, 2017

Post Pregnancy Confessions 🙌👶

Now that Baby King is here, I gotta admit I could NOT stand the smell of my essential oils during pregnancy. They were just so strong with my extra sensitive pregnancy nose and I was struggling to enjoy them after just commiting to incorporate dōTerra oils into my massage practice and business. I suppose, looking back that my timing was just off. I've sporadically used essential oils through out my ten years as a LMT but had decided that it was time to get serious about using and sharing them with my clients at my wellness center. They are a great way for me to fulfill my goals and further help you feel better naturally at Elements Downtown Wellness in beautiful Lebanon, Oregon.

This was just about the same time that we found out we were expecting and the pregnancy hormones changed everything. Wyatt got into the oils right away by experimenting with different blends to help his beard grow. And while I was all for him growing a bigger beard, the smell of his blends had me holding my breath and opening the windows before spring had even arrived. So needless to say, I was not overly enthusiastic about using and sharing the oils at work. I could handle a single oil or the occasional blend that a client would bring in but it wasn't my fave and I was struggling to use them at all.

Almost as quickly as the oils were making me sick during my pregnancy, they were so soothing at the end into my now postpartum period. Right after Theo was born, my blood pressure was still a bit too high and my birth team diffused Serenity to help bring it down, which most definitely helped. And despite having to go to the hospital with our new baby because he was breathing quicker than he should have been, I remained calm throughout that first night.

Since coming home with our new baby I've had lots of opportunities to use my oils. But not just use them, I've honestly been enjoying them. I've been using fennel and jasmine to help increase my milk supply and melaleuca for those postpartum blemishes. Frankincense has also found its way into my routine, applying it on the soles of my feet for emotional balance and to help fight any postpartum depression that might be headed my way.

Several of my friends have also just had babies, it's like a baby boom around here these days, which got me thinking about how I could help out my mama friends with their own post baby struggles. Personally I feel like my emotions have been all over the place and I'm definitely more sensitive than I typically am. So I decided to make some uplifting blends for my friends. I can't wait to meet all these new little ones and share these fun blends with their mama's. I made a dead sea salt soak for baths and an oil for the mama's and still plan on whipping up a baby butt cream for the new little ones.

I'm glad that my pregnancy aversion to these wonderful healing oils is behind me and I'm enjoying using and playing with them while I'm home with Theo but also I'm excited to get back to work so I can start really sharing the oils with all my clients like I had originally entended too.

Fun with dōTerra oils. Made some postpartum blends for all my baby mama's ❤️👶 dead sea salts and mini bottles with uplifting blends for new mama's #dōterra #essentialoils #babymamas #healthandwellness #postpartum #sanfranciscosaltcompany #deadseasalts #lebanonoregon #messageme #massagemegen

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