Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Yoga Challenge❣️

I l❤️ve it for self care! It's not only great for loosening up your tight muscles and increasing tone, it is excellent for relaxing the mind and eating stress. The mind body connection you is essential in creating a healthy, calmer, more balanced life.

That being said I'm terrible at keeping up my yoga practice even though I know it will help me live a longer and happier life. So in my efforts to be happier and healthier I'm starting another 30 days of yoga challenge. I found Yoga with Adriene on YouTube and enjoy her using her videos. Check her out! Here's a link to day one!

I've started both the 30 days of yoga and the yoga camp series of her videos a few times but have yet to finish either one πŸ˜•This time I'm determined to complete 30 days straight of yoga!! Which is why I'm sharing with you guys to help keep me accountable. Wanna join me? There are plenty of other videos on YouTube you can find to help you get started also. And feel free to ask how I'm doing our share with me about how your doing!

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Monday, November 14, 2016

🌟Self care Selfie 😊
I must admit with moving and dealing with all of lives other tasks such as; school and sports activities, community events, and relaxation time, I haven't been the best at keeping up with my own self care. I've been eating poorly and not exercising. We are getting all settled into our new home and with less of a commute it is harder to find excuses not too, I should be practicing what I peach anyways.. So thanks to Wyatt for getting me up to do the four minute workout and not having any appointments till 11, I decided I could do my typical Web surfing routine while walking around the track! Followed by a warm dead sea salt soak and I'm feeling ready for an excellent week! What a great way to get in some self care to start my week off on the right note 🌟 Head over to my Facebook page and post your #selfcareselfie for a chance to win a free half hour massage πŸ‘

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