Sunday, September 18, 2016

😩Muscles Hold Grudges 😩
Why it's important to have consistent treatments.

Many people want to treat going to see their massage therapist like going to see their doctors. They want to do it once a year and get things worked out, but massage doesn't work that way. They are quickly back with the same aches and pains they always have. Sound familiar? If you want to be someone who really gets the most out of their massage therapy, getting regular massages is the only way to realize the full potential of massage for your health and wellness.

Massage is magic✨I often say this due to the many therapeutic benefits from both relaxation and deep tissue treatments. The magic gets stronger the more often you have a massage, and the health benefits become more tangible after repeated sessions. However, if you're going in for deeper therapeutic sessions only once a year, or worse, every three years, and expecting lasting results, both you and your therapist are going to be frustrated.

After an injury or accident, or just due to prolonged stress, your muscles build up lactic acid and start to ossify. Ossification is when the muscles start to turn hard and almost bone like. Deep tissue therapeutic massages can help counteract this process, if not even completely fix it, however it will take consistent actions to fix it.

You can't just get a massage once in a while. You wouldn't go to the gym one time to lift weights and expect yourself to be all bulked up and ripped out. The same goes for relaxing the muscles and releasing the tension. We accumulate stress and tension in our muscle with our every day busy lives. Our posture and stress levels definitely effect our bodies on a daily basis. While we can't get massages daily, we can help our bodies heal by giving them regular deep tissue treatments.

Regularly receiving therapeutic massages to the problem areas will increase blood and oxygen flow to the muscles, allowing the muscles to help heal themselves. Massage can physically release the lactic acid from the muscles, breaking up unhealthy muscle tissue and allowing it to heal.

When I see you regularly, it allows me to get to know you and your body structure better. It allows both of us to become more comfortable with some of the deeper techniques in more uncomfortable but definitely important areas like the pecs and in between the ribs. This comfort and these techniques are where deeper tissue massages become more effective.

Massage is magic ✨ and the more you get it, the more you will feel it. So get the full potential of your massage treatments to improve your health and happiness by make it a part of your regular wellness routine. Schedule yourself massages today by using the "book me" tab in the drop down menu or #messageme @ #massagemegen


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